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About us

We work two shifts per day - 22 hours/day (yes, it takes an hour to clean and disinfect a workplace after each shift).

Our team consists of over 100 people (including 80 best seamstresses and sewers of category IV - V from Kyrgyzstan). manufacture 20,000 masks or 2,400 dresses or 1,280 jackets or 560 winter suits a day.

A day


Our factory is located in a perfect spot near Moscow

  • 45 km away from MKAD
  • Next to the highway
  • 68 km away from the Domodziedowo airport and 83 km away from the Wnukowo airport
  • Our team

    We have been sewing since 2005. specialize in the production of winter jackets and insulated clothing and a full range of clothing for children and newborns.

    Project department

    The design team includes constructors, designers, technologists, and lab seamstresses who will prepare future production together with you. At this stage, are able to both simplify a lot and thus save a lot of your budget and provide other options if you would like more variety in your order.

    Production plant

    The production plant consists of several cooperating teams: a storehouse with materials and final product, a cutting room, an embroidery machine, snaps, laundry, packaging and ironing rooms as well as production lines which are arranged by technologists for each production separately. At the end, each piece of clothing is examined by the quality control team.


    We draw only for fun. The entire process is computerized. design on the best graphic tablets and use the Grafis 11.0 graphic program to construct patterns sent to the cutting room from a plotter. Most of the sewing machines are equipped with computers. have embroiderers at our disposal (write programs and embroider at our clients' request) as well as automatic snaps, thermopresses and many other improvements. They all ensure efficient, high-quality production where the margin of error is minimal.

    We always guarantee our production.

    We cooperate with all major suppliers of fabrics, various raw materials and sewing accessories in Russia and abroad.

    Our products


    We have gained the trust of dynamic private companies such as KUGAR, МОЙ МАЛЫШ. Furthermore, collaborate with Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as well as corporations namely Монолит-Спецодежд LLC and Росхимзащита LLC


    Send your photos / design with anticipated quantity and will send you a price estimation within 24 hours

    Attach files

    Visit us - come and see how many people work here and how quickly and accurately your order will be completed. Check out how care for tidiness and cleanliness, working conditions, your material, and the final product. Examine the machines work on. Initially, you just need to send us the photos, quantity and technical data of your product. Within 24 hours, will send you the price estimation of our services. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.